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More than likely, you desire more of a boat trip than just cruising the canals. That is why we have prepared you a wide selection of arrangements, which will make the cruising experience even more special.

For example, you can enjoy a pleasant and extensive dinner on board. Or you might prefer a so-called ‘running dinner’, where the courses are being served partly on board and partly in a fancy restaurant. And our architecture boat trip along new and exciting parts of Amsterdam is an absolute must-see for all architecture lovers.

Rederij 't Smidtje goes beyond the Amsterdams waters: we offer a Zaan Tour, Pampus Tour or Vecht Tour. Three beautiful boat trips, that will offer an amazing view on the waters known as the ' backyards of Amsterdam’.

All our arrangements and packages can of course be adapted to your specific wishes. Are you in search of something completely different? Based on your wishes and our experience we are happy to compose a tailor-made event for you.